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On Its 10th Anniversary, doTERRA is Confirmed as the Global Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Leader

May 1, 2018
Award Winning Company Positioned as Health and Wellness Industry Leader for Decades to Come

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah – May 1, 2018 – doTERRA International, LLC celebrated its 10 year anniversary with the receipt of multiple awards, including its most recent recognitions: the Verified Market Leadership Award in the Global Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Market and Forbes America’s Best Midsize Employers annual listing for the third consecutive year. Since its origin in the spring of 2008, the company has focused on the health and wellness of individuals, families and communities. This emphasis facilitates a caring corporate environment, while working together with Wellness Advocates and customers for global change. In the coming months, doTERRA will unveil a new healthcare initiative that incorporates integrative medicine with modern healthcare practices.

“doTERRA’s business model is unlike any in the world. It is fully vested in the growth and wellness of individuals, families and communities. Today, millions of people are more equipped to answer health and wellness concerns than a decade ago,” said David Stirling, doTERRA founding executive, chairman and CEO. “However, this is just the beginning. As we look to the future of integrative healthcare, doTERRA will continue to emerge as a leader of solutions.”

According to Verify Markets, the popularity of the health and wellness trend is visible across all demographics. doTERRA has led this trend by helping people become more health conscious, improving awareness of people’s wellness options through direct selling and digital marketing, and devoting significant resources toward the best science and medical practices of good health. 

The unique combination of doTERRA’s unmatched product quality, vision for global solutions, scientific discovery and desire to give back teamed with the upward trend in those seeking integrative health solutions has catapulted the company to the forefront of socially responsible businesses. doTERRA’s economic impact can be seen in its ever expanding campus that provides jobs to nearly 2,500 individuals in Utah and through the opening and development of various global markets where it employs an additional 500 employees. Most importantly, doTERRA distinguishes itself through its award-winning products and its connection to over five million global distributors and customers.

doTERRA Turns 10

doTERRA kicked off its ten-year anniversary celebrations on April 25 by thanking employees, answering global needs through a service project in partnership with Days for Girls International and encouraging others to serve with a Day of Change. On May 1, the World Trade Center Utah and the Salt Lake Chamber hosted a press conference to highlight doTERRA’s growth and impact over the past decade and introduce doTERRA’s vision for the future. Speakers included doTERRA founders, Rep. Mia Love (4-UT), Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes and Derek Miller (Salt Lake Chamber president and CEO and former head of the World Trade Center Utah). The doTERRA 10 year anniversary celebrations will continue in the weeks and months ahead, culminating in a worldwide celebration during the doTERRA Global Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah on September 19-22, 2018, where more than 34,000 essential oil enthusiasts are expected to participate.


About doTERRA

doTERRA leads the global Aromatherapy and Essential Oils market in sourcing, testing, manufacturing, and distributing CPTG® essential oils through a network of more than 5 million customers. doTERRA, the Latin derivative meaning “gift of the Earth,” sets the standard for essential oils by providing to its customers the most tested and most trusted oils and having developed the expertise and commitment required to derive these unique oils directly from the best sources in the world. doTERRA Co-Impact Sourcing® provides local growers and distillers fair compensation for their efforts, creating stronger local economies and a healthier, stable supply chain. In addition to a premium line of single-plant extracts and proprietary essential oil blends, the company offers oil-infused personal care and spa products, dietary supplements and healthy living products for the home.

CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade®

In the spring of 2008, doTERRA launched with a mission of sharing pure essential oils with the world. Because of a commitment to produce only the highest quality and purest essential oils, the creation of a new standard of quality CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade® was established.

Co-impact Sourcing®

In addition to supplying the highest quality essential oils, doTERRA is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of farmers, harvesters, and distillers who contribute to doTERRA’s oil production. This commitment to an ethical supply chain led to the formation of doTERRA’s Co-Impact Sourcing® model. The company relies on the knowledge and traditions of local farmers around the globe, while empowering them with the latest breakthroughs to ensure their practices are sustainable and maximize efficiency. Strict sourcing guiding principles developed by doTERRA now offer the framework for other companies to implement sustainable and socially and environmentally responsible supply chains on a global scale.

doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation®

As doTERRA establishes relies on long-term, mutually beneficial supplier partnerships through Co-impact Sourcing, it supports partner communities through the Healing Hands Foundation by providing resources and tools for self-reliance. The foundation also supports an array of local, national and international charity organizations.

Science of Essential Oils

doTERRA places great emphasis in the scientific health advantages of essential oils through testing and research. doTERRA’s mission hinges on discovering and developing the world’s highest quality essential oils and related natural wellness products. This objective is accomplished through a strong team of in-house scientists as well as highly accomplished scientific and medical advisors. The company collaborates with select academic, industry and medical institutions.

“Thanks to the solid groundwork in scientific discovery over the past ten years doTERRA is prepared to lead the industry for decades to come,” said Dr. David Hill, doTERRA founding executive and Chief Medical Officer. “We work with some of the most respected scientists and partner with well-known healthcare facilities, research universities and institutions throughout the world. It is exciting to see the rapidly growing evidence of essential oil effectiveness to use alongside traditional western medicine.”


Recent Notable Awards and Recognitions



               2018 – Verified Market Leadership Award


               2018 – America’s Best Midsize Employers – New ranking released TODAY

               2017 – America’s Best Midsize Employers

               2016 – America’s Best Midsize Employers


               2017 – Most Personal Hygiene Kits Assembled in One Hour

World Trade Association of Utah

               2016 – International Company of the Year


               2018 – Merchandising and Consumer Services in Essential Oils/Botanicals

               2017 – Merchandising and Consumer Services in Essential Oils/Botanicals

               2016 – Merchandising and Consumer Services in Essential Oils/Botanicals


               2017 – Top Trademark Registrant

               2016 – Top Trademark Registrant

               2011 – Top Trademark Registrant

               2010 – Top Trademark Registrant


               2017 – Top Economic Engines

               2016 – Top Economic Engines

               2015 – Top Economic Engines


               2017 – 30,500 Attendees – Record Breaking

               2016 – 30,000 Attendees – Record Breaking

               2015 – 27,000 Attendees – Record Breaking

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