Corporate Caring

At doTERRA, our mission is to change the world—one drop, one person, one community at a time. doTERRA supports a wide variety of causes and organizations through corporate caring projects and sponsorships. Categories we donate to include:

• Community
• Education
• Environmental
• Human Services
• Self-Reliance
• Health and Wellness

Please note that doTERRA does not donate to individuals, nor does it support any organization or cause that is directly religious or political. Additionally, while donation requests for various fundraisers will be considered, doTERRA does not host third-party fundraising events.

We receive a large number of requests for participation in community projects and sponsorships. It may take up to a month to hear back on your proposal, so please submit your request early. All corporate caring projects and sponsorships that are approved will be eligible for a one-time donation. In order for your request to be considered for approval, a project sponsor must complete our request form.

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