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CEO Letter on Restricted Operations in Russia

Apr 5, 2022

April 5, 2022 

Dear dōTERRA family, 

Putting people above profits is foundational to our company. It is core to dōTERRA. Our commitment to everyone within the dōTERRA family is to provide wellness solutions and opportunities that help individuals live healthy and prosperous lives. 

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, we have spoken at length with our Wellness Advocates (independent entrepreneurs and business owners) both in Ukraine and in Russia, many of whom have colleagues in both countries and in many other nations. We seek to understand the ever-changing situation and to understand the impact of the war on so many lives. The threat of imprisonment, unsafe conditions, and countersanctions is a reality in Russia and we are keenly aware of those in our doTERRA family facing these threats. We have taken measures we feel are appropriate to limit operations and to protect people affected by the war. There are some who don’t understand our business that feel we should do more and ultimately, we may, but our focus will continue to be on the health and safety of our Wellness Advocates and employees in and from this region. 

With the help of thousands of people, along with the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, we have raised over $750,000 for emergency food and supplies, temporary housing, and long-term needs for those impacted by the invasion of Ukraine. Funds and relief efforts are deployed daily. In addition, we have directed resources to 29 local and on-the-ground charitable organizations providing support for refugees and have also provided funds for members of the dōTERRA community who are helping on the front lines. 

In response to questions from our Wellness Advocates and customers regarding our business in Russia, we have shared, and now publicly share, that over the past six weeks we have taken significant steps to curtail operations in Russia and will continue to monitor the everchanging conditions to determine if further actions are needed. In addition to restricting imports and suspending all exports from Russia, we have stopped corporate marketing efforts of our products and have cancelled planned capital and resource investments. The lives of those impacted by this senseless war, which we condemn, will continue to be our top priority. 

We love and appreciate the people of this region and our hearts ache for their suffering and loss. We will continue to do the right thing, focusing on people and their needs, and continue to do our best to avoid the shaming of people based on ethnicity. Additionally, we will continue to put our focus and funding where it is needed most.   


Corey Lindley 

CEO & Founding Executive  


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