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doTERRA Performance Center Opens at UVU

Long-time residents of Utah County can recall the days when Utah Valley University was much smaller. Over the years, this tiny community college has grown into a successful university that has blessed the lives of thousands of students and their families. Community support has been a vital part of that growth, and with the help of companies like doTERRA, UVU will continue changing lives for the better.

In addition to scholastic achievements, UVU has seen great success in their athletic endeavors as well. As the university continues to grow, being able to help their athletes compete to the best of their ability has required growth as well. doTERRA recently provided funding for a renovation of the university’s athletic centers. The doTERRA Performance Center is the outcome of that aid. ​​​​​​​

“We have a mission in athletics, and that’s to build champions in the classroom, in competition, in the community, and in life, and that’s what doTERRA has helped us do with their donation,” says Jared Sumsion, UVU’s Athletic Director. Before the remodel, space was limited. For example, the room for the women’s volleyball team served not only as their locker room, but also as their film room, study room, and lounge. Now, the doTERRA Performance Center, which is located in the Rebecca Lockhart Arena, will provide offices for coaches, film rooms, locker rooms, and lounge spaces for women’s volleyball, women’s basketball, and wrestling. “This new facility is going to impact our program significantly,” says Jaysa Stratton, the senior setter for the women’s volleyball team. “It’s going to help us as student athletes succeed academically, mentally, and physically as we play volleyball. The doTERRA Performance Center will allow us to better prepare for upcoming opponents as we now have a designated place to watch film, study, relax, and be as a team.” Speaking of upcoming opponents, the remodel was finished just in time for UVU to host the WAC Volleyball Tournament this weekend, providing incoming teams with a newly renovated visiting team locker room.

“When I walked into this new facility,” says Sumsion, “I got a little teary eyed. I hate to admit it because I’ve always envisioned this for our athletic programs. I’ve been all over the country, I’ve seen so many wonderful locker rooms, and we have that space now! I really can’t thank doTERRA enough because as our coaches go out and recruit, and they bring athletes to this building and they see these things, it really does matter. This facility is a special place. doTERRA has transformed not just UVU athletics with this university-wide gift. You’ve helped us kind of come of age. We’re a young university, but we’re progressing in an astronomical way, and you’ve helped us a lot. I cannot give you enough thanks for what you’ve done to help us get to that point.”​​​​​​​

“It’s really gratifying seeing this come to pass and making a difference. We appreciate education, what it does, and the role that UVU plays is so important in our community,” said Corey Lindley, doTERRA Founding Executive. “At doTERRA, we’re about empowering people, and we’re about excellence. We’re about making the world a better place, and UVU encompasses all of these things.” With around 250 UVU graduates and some 500 employees currently enrolled at UVU, doTERRA has definitely seen the good that UVU does. And we look forward to adding to our ranks with even more employees who have benefited from this special university. Lindley continued, saying, “As a company, we didn’t want this partnership to be just about athletics. We’re very honored to be a part of the athletic program here, but UVU has other great programs, and we’re honored to support science and the arts and the women’s success center and what they do to support women who need and want to advance their education and have an opportunity to do so here at UVU.”

At doTERRA, our mission is to change the world—one drop, one person, one community at a time. doTERRA supports a wide variety of causes and organizations through corporate caring projects and sponsorships. Categories we donate to include:

• Community
• Education
• Environmental
• Human Services
• Self-Reliance
• Health and Wellness

Please note that doTERRA does not donate to individuals, nor does it support any organization or cause that is directly religious or political. Additionally, while donation requests for various fundraisers will be considered, doTERRA does not host third-party fundraising events.

We receive a large number of requests for participation in community projects and sponsorships. It may take up to a month to hear back on your proposal, so please submit your request early. All corporate caring projects and sponsorships that are approved will be eligible for a one-time donation. In order for your request to be considered for approval, a project sponsor must complete our request form.

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