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Five Essential Oils to Show Mom How Much You Love Her

Apr 29, 2020
doTERRA Mother's Day Gift Guide

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah, April 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- There is an essential oil for every type of mom, from the always-on-the-go mom and the work-at-home mom, to the mom of five and boss mom, and yes, your mom. For some, it's a combination of oils placed in a diffuser to create an aromatic wonderland, and for others it's a few drops in a warm bath for a homemade spa day. For whatever type of supermom you want to thank, consider the following doTERRA oils as a great place to start this Mother's Day.

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Neroli Touch

Neroli Touch

If you're far from home this Mother's Day, pamper your mom with doTERRA's Neroli Touch. This rare and precious oil has hints of citrus and floral that instills relaxation, uplifts mood, reduces feelings of anxiousness, and promotes overall well-being. Now, that is how you gift love!

Neroli Touch Uses and Benefits

Magnolia Touch

We've all had nights crying on our mom's shoulder or getting a hug from her when we needed it most. Return the favor and give the gift of comfort with doTERRA's Magnolia Touch. Steam distilled from the sturdy petals of the magnolia flower, this fragrant essential oil is calming to the emotions and helps keep the skin looking clean and healthy.

Magnolia Touch Uses and Benefits


Your mom gave you life, and your life is probably giving her wrinkles. Make up for it with doTERRA's Yarrow|Pom blend known for revitalizing skin. Suitable for internal and topical use, Yarrow|Pom is a blend of yarrow essential oil and pomegranate seed oil designed for a true inside-out approach to aging, vitality, and overall wellness. No matter your mom's schedule, she'll want to make time for this blend.

Yarrow|Pom Uses and Benefits

Wild Orange and Citrus Bliss

When Mom is happy, everyone else is happy. doTERRA's Wild Orange and Citrus Bliss essential oils are happiness in a bottle; okay, two bottles. They create a positive atmosphere while adding a refreshing and energizing aroma. Make Mom (and everyone else) happy during the holiday!

Wild Orange Uses and Benefits                 Citrus Bliss Uses and Benefits

If you're looking for something extra for your Mother's Day gift giving, try doTERRA's Volo Diffuser. The Volo Marble Diffuser is the perfect addition to any kitchen, bedroom or office.

Happy Mother's Day—love you, Mom.

Magnolia Touch




Wild Orange


Citrus Bliss






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