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doTERRA Celebrates Earth Day: Embracing Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship

Apr 22, 2024

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah, April 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Earth Day has evolved into one of the world's largest civic events, uniting individuals, communities, and organizations in a collective effort to protect and preserve our planet. As a company deeply committed to environmental responsibility, doTERRA is proud to join this global celebration by reaffirming our dedication to prioritizing sustainable practices and giving back to the earth that sustains us.

Ben Platt, Director of Strategic Sourcing Development said, "Central to our Co-Impact Sourcing® mission is the protection of the environment and the fair treatment of harvesters and growers within our sourcing areas. By sourcing our essential oils from regions where plants thrive naturally, we strive to preserve biodiversity and work to foster sustainable livelihoods for communities around the world. We are immensely grateful to our sourcing partners who share our commitment to the earth and its gifts."

In an era of unprecedented global economic expansion, the natural world faces significant threats. At doTERRA, we recognize the urgent need for responsible stewardship and actively work to mitigate environmental impact. Many of our essential oils are sourced from plantations and forests that would otherwise be lost to deforestation, embodying our commitment to conservation through commerce.

Misty Bond, VP of Philanthropy and Corporate Communications stated, "Through our philanthropic arm, doTERRA Healing Hands®, we extend our commitment to environmental sustainability even further. Thanks to the generosity of our dedicated Wellness Advocates, we have supported initiatives such as reforestation projects and the expansion of vital ecosystems. Together, we are fostering a brighter future for our planet, one essential oil bottle at a time."

To learn more about current and future projects supported by doTERRA Healing Hands, we invite you to visit and join us in our mission to make a positive impact on the world.

Join doTERRA in celebrating Earth Day and embracing a future where sustainability, environmental stewardship, and community empowerment reign supreme.  

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dōTERRA International is an integrative health and wellness company and the world leader in the global aromatherapy and essential oils market. dōTERRA sources, tests, manufactures, and distributes CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade® essential oils and essential oil products to over 10 million Wellness Advocates and customers. Through industry-leading, responsible sourcing practices, dōTERRA maintains the highest levels of quality, purity, and sustainability, partnering with local growers around the world through Cō-Impact Sourcing®. Like and follow dōTERRA on Facebook and Instagram and learn more at www.dō

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