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dōTERRA Officially Inaugurates Rose Distillery in Bulgaria

Jun 14, 2023

After a successful opening in 2020, dōTERRA officially inaugurated its rose-focused distillery, Terra Roza, in Shipka, Bulgaria 

In 2015, dōTERRA established a Bulgarian company called Esseterre, which is now one of the largest Lavender and Melissa distilleries in Bulgaria. Esseterre is revitalizing the essential oils industry through the dōTERRA Cō-Impact Sourcing® approach and becoming a significant force for facilitating sustainable, diversified development in Bulgaria.

Over 8 years later, dōTERRA has officially inaugurated Terra Roza, a rose distillery located in Shipka, Bulgaria—The Valley of the Roses.

“We knew we couldn’t be the largest and best Bulgarian distillery without producing the world-famous Bulgarian rose oil and rose hydrosol. So, we planned over five years back to build Terra Roza, a distillery established with rose-focused operations to source Rose essential oil right in the heart of the rose valley. It’s the perfect place,” said Tim Valentiner, VP of Global Strategic Sourcing at dōTERRA.

Bulgaria has been the largest producer of Rose essential oil for over 200 years. dōTERRA has been anxious to share Terra Roza with its Wellness Advocates and the world since the distillery’s opening in 2020. The manufacturing facility, with its highly qualified and dedicated team, represents an exciting development in the next chapter of dōTERRA’s evolution.

“I have enjoyed working with the incredible people of this region, and I want to express our deep source of pride that we are supporting the continued bonds and economic prosperity between our two nations,” said Emily Wright, president of dōTERRA. “Nothing quite compares to the Damask rose and producing the ‘Queen of Oils’ is a monumental team effort. From the farmers to harvesters to distillers, it takes everyone working together to distill about 10,000 blossoms into each precious bottle of Rose essential oil!”

Wellness Advocates and dōTERRA employees take a group photo in front of Terra Roza, dōTERRA's
rose-focused distillery in Bulgaria. 

dōTERRA will continue to grow to support the needs for Rose oil and rose hydrosol through the jobs supported through its Cō-Impact Sourcing efforts and social impact projects in Bulgaria.  

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