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A New Yoga Experience with Essential Oils

Jun 21, 2022

Yoga is a time for relaxation, meditation, and connection to oneself. Whether you are working on your Chaturanga at home or mastering a new flow sequence with a class, the following doTERRA products will help enhance your yoga session.  

Feeling Refreshed 
There’s nothing better than ending a yoga session feeling refreshed. Lemongrass is an essential oil that can help with that. With a bright lemon-herb-like aroma, this essential oil is known for promoting a cheerful mood and heightening awareness. Add three to four drops to a diffuser while you’re practicing or combine with a carrier oil for a soothing massage after your session.

Lemongrass Uses and Benefits

Feeling Cultivated
Cultivating yourself will help you feel refined, repurposed, and ready to take on the world. Cultivating new emotions, strength, and repurposing your inner self are important changes when practicing yoga. With its citrus, spice, and light floral aroma, Bergamot is both uplifting and calming—the perfect essential oil pairing for your next yoga session. When you add Bergamot to your yoga session with the intention of cultivating something new, there is no doubt that you will be feeling refreshed, enlightened, and renewed.  

Bergamot Uses and Benefits

Feeling Spiritual
Yoga is a beautiful way to connect yourself to your spiritual well-being. Through meditation, you can experience a more positive outlook and connect to yourself, the earth, and those around you. Your feet are grounded to the earth. Your crown chakra, the highest energy center for inspiration and consciousness, allows you to feel at peace with your surroundings. With a grounding and calming aroma, Vetiver essential oil can transform an atmosphere into one of balance and tranquility and encourage this connectedness within your spiritual well-being and self. Apply Vetiver to pulse points or the bottom of your feet, or add a few drops to a diffuser to promote a calming atmosphere.  

Vetiver Uses and Benefits

While practicing yoga and meditation, essential oils will help enhance your experience as you seek to connect and ground yourself. You can also try the doTERRA Yoga Collection, which includes three essential oil blends that help create a steadying, centering, and enlightening yoga experience.  

Don’t forget to end your yoga session with gratitude and a “namaste.” 

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