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Dear dōTERRA Family

Feb 4, 2021

This last Saturday marked one-year since Covid-19’s classification as a global health crisis. While reflecting over these unprecedented 12 months, I’ve felt overwhelmed by my gratitude for each of you and the community that we have created together. Of course, I also am mindful of the loss of life, illness, isolation, injustice, and heartache experienced.

Perhaps, most agonizing has been the daily uncertainty. When will routines return? When will civil strife cease? When will fear subside? When can we get together and enjoy each other’s smiles, hugs, and warmth?

While acknowledging the profound differences between the periods, I’ve found myself recalling another time of significant insecurity: 2008. The U.S. had just been blindsided by one of the bleakest economic crashes in modern history. The repercussions were swift and global. Savings evaporated. Jobs vanished. Homes foreclosed. And we had just launched dōTERRA.

Early on, many were bewildered by our decision to found dōTERRA when we did. With hindsight, however, I feel immense appreciation for the tempering and galvanizing effect that that period of struggle had on our lives and mission. We drew closer to our families. We shrugged off excess. We locked arms with neighbors spanning the globe. I suspect that sometime in the future, we will look back on the ripples of this last year with similar reverence. 

I’ve already been profoundly moved to witness the dōTERRA family respond to recent events with unfailing resilience, allyship, and charity. Our Wellness Advocates and corporate team members rapidly adapted to changing circumstances while never losing sight of our founding vision and values. Indeed, during the past 12 months, we’ve truly achieved the remarkable by:

- Donating over $1 million to COVID-19 relief efforts throughout the world.

- Supporting over 300,000 jobs through our global sourcing efforts and impacting more than 1,166,000 lives because of those jobs.

- Launching three new wellness programs that deliver products targeting specific health goals—Immunity, Relief, and Mind and Mood.

- Hosting our largest convention to date with over 81,000 attending virtually from over 130 countries and watching similar attendance records being broken in individual markets around the world.

- Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation and surpassing $30 million in global giving and donations.

- Releasing doTERRA Nutrition, a line of natural dietary supplements, including protein, fiber, and greens that are scientifically formulated to enhance areas of our modern diets that need the most help for us to achieve optimal health.

- Opening the Sanaag Speciality Hospital, which is providing critical, life-saving health services to some of Somaliland’s most remote, underserved populations, including our cherished frankincense harvesters.

And this list just scratches the surface. Indeed, our extraordinary sourcing model has prepared us for times of challenge. As a result of strategic planning with our global network of suppliers and your patience, we weathered some initial outages of On Guard and occasionally other products in the early months of the

pandemic but have since made significant improvements to better ensure that we maintain the availability of your favorite products. In fact, demand for our pure gifts of the Earth grew exponentially over the last 12 months as families looked for integrative solutions to bolster their health and wellness.  

Ultimately, while the last year will not be quickly forgotten, it has solidified my certainty in both the goodness of humanity and the importance of dōTERRA’s human-centric mission. 


David Stirling

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