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Sep 1, 2021

In response to rising COVID-19 cases in Nepal, doTERRA sent emergency supplies to aid in relief efforts throughout the country. The donation included six oxygen concentrators and nearly 1,000...

Aug 20, 2021

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to achieve your dreams, Sara Blakely’s insight into developing big ideas, having an entrepreneurial mindset, and making things happen is an invaluable tool. Learn from her LIVE at the doTERRA 2021 Convention.

Aug 17, 2021

Starting a new school year, no matter the age or grade, can be challenging under normal circumstances. Add the uncertainty of our world today and back-to-school preparation becomes more important...

Ban Mu Elementary School for Ethnic Minority Students

May 27, 2021

For hundreds of years, Litsea, an evergreen tree native to East Asia, has been used in traditional health practices. Steam distilled from the fresh ripe fruit of the tree, the resulting essential oil has a sweet, fruity, and fresh aroma that is often compared to that of lemons. doTERRA sources its Litsea essential oil from a rural area in Vietnam and uses it in several doTERRA products and essential oil blends.

Recently, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation funded a project for the Ban Mu Elementary School for Ethnic Minority Students, which serves students and families in our Litsea sourcing area. Located in one of the poorest villages in the district, the school lacks government funding for basic supplies for its 465 students aged 6 to 14. The students reside at the school during the week, usually returning home on weekends. When asked what they most needed, the teachers prioritized new classroom tables and chairs, dining room tables and chairs, trays for students to eat meals, and a classroom board. These supplies were obtained and presented to the school to the delight of both students and teachers.

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