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Jun 21, 2022

Yoga is a time for relaxation, meditation, and connection to oneself. Whether you are working on your Chaturanga at home or mastering a new flow sequence with a class, the following doTERRA...

Jun 14, 2022

Twelve years ago, doTERRA formed the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation to empower people and communities to be healthy, safe, and self-reliant. Since then, doTERRA Healing Hands has changed lives...

May 31, 2022

For the fourth consecutive year, doTERRA has been voted the "Best Essential Oils in Utah Valley." The Best of Utah Valley Reader's Choice Awards are hosted annual by The Daily Herald. With over...

Meet the Women Leading doTERRA’s STEM Efforts

Apr 6, 2022

doTERRA takes pride in our science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) teams who work tirelessly to certify the purity and quality of our products. Something else we take pride in is the fact that over 100 of the members on those STEM teams are women. Cecile Bascoul, Ph.D., Director of Product Safety; Dr. Nicole Stevens, Ph.D., Director of Clinical Research; and Dr. Ruth Dempsey of the Scientific Medical Education Committee are just a few of the women who contribute to the foundational work of ensuring that doTERRA’s products are safe, pure, and held to the highest standard of quality.   

“Science and research at doTERRA are the foundation of what we do. We analyze the chemistry of the oils to better understand them,” said Cecile Bascoul. “The science of oils is important so that we understand them, why they smell the way they do, and why they are beneficial. Throughout this process, we work with so many different teams, including sourcing and clinical research, all of which include many curious and intelligent women.” 

When asked what she likes about working in STEM, Dr. Nicole Stevens talked about how it allows her to unearth scientific mysteries. “It’s so much fun to just be curious and get to answer questions through the work that we do,” said Stevens.  

At doTERRA, it’s about finding those answers in our products and sharing the newfound knowledge with the world. Dr. Ruth Dempsey urged young girls pursuing careers in STEM to not be put off by what people might expect from them as women. “If you really do have a passion about science, then do it, go for it—I’ve always followed the path that passion led me along and I’ve loved it all the way through.” 

doTERRA continues to fight harmful gender stereotypes and provide opportunities for anyone pursuing a career in STEM. “What I hope for women working in science is that they don’t feel afraid. Just go and do it. I hope that ‘women in science’ isn’t even a distinct topic in the future. Women in science shouldn’t be a phenomenon or cool statistic. It just is,” said Cecile Bascoul.  

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