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How doTERRA Uses Clinical Research to Advance Essential Oil Science

May 18, 2022

Processing samples, maintaining mountains of paperwork, and waking up before sunrise to conduct studies are just some examples of the important tasks performed by the Clinical Research team at doTERRA.  

Clinical research is the study of how various products may affect the human body, and doTERRA’s Clinical Research team is dedicated to understanding how doTERRA products—from oils to supplements—best serve the human body.  

“For the doTERRA Clinical Research team, our studies involve looking at the many amazing doTERRA products and collecting data on how they work! This includes safety data that helps us understand how to dose essential oils and efficacy data to help us understand how best to use them,” said Nicole Stevens, Director of Clinical Research.  

To successfully test the usability and safety of doTERRA products, the Clinical Research team regularly conducts study visits that involve a series of questions, measurements, and assessments, typically concluding the visits with a blood draw. But the work doesn’t stop there.  

“After we’re done seeing participants for the day, we are busy maintaining the paperwork to keep our current studies running, as well as designing future studies,” said Kathryn Allred, a Clinical Research Coordinator. “We also meet with collaborators, both internally and externally, to keep doTERRA Clinical Research up to standard and moving along.”  

One of the team’s main collaborators is Prime Meridian Health Clinic. Located just across the street from doTERRA’s main campus, the Prime Meridian medical building offers world-class, full-service family medicine. “We work closely with the doctors and other medical professionals affiliated with Prime Meridian, since clinical research is an exciting area where science and medicine intersect,” said Nicole Stevens.  

Recent aromatic and internal clinical research studies conducted by the Clinical Research team are testaments of doTERRA’s longstanding commitment to product purity, quality, and consistency.  

“Our studies further doTERRA’s mission and embody our company’s core values. Through clinical research we are cultivating trust in our products, enriching medical communities, and empowering people around the world to strive for quality in their natural products,” said Nicole Stevens.  

The Clinical Research team anticipates playing a big part in doTERRA’s mission to triple its impact by 2030.  

“doTERRA is leading the charge in the natural products industry and setting a new standard for quality science and rigorous testing of essential oils,” said Kathryn Allred.  

Check out the doTERRA Science blog or sign up for the Clinical Research team’s mailing list to receive periodic newsletters and stay up to date on everything the Clinical Research team is doing to make a positive impact.  

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