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Nov 27, 2023

“Health can be physical, but it’s also about finding purpose, joy, and financial opportunity. It happens when Wellness Advocates earn money for piano lessons for their kids while supporting...

Sep 11, 2023

ST. GEORGE, Utah — Thanks to the support of doTERRA and other community partners, Utah Tech University has renovated its Habibian Athletic Center and added the doTERRA Nutrition Center to the...

Jun 14, 2023

After a successful opening in 2020, doTERRA officially inaugurated its rose-focused distillery, Terra Roza, in Shipka, Bulgaria In 2015, dōTERRA established a Bulgarian company called Esseterre,...

Celebrating Black History Month with doTERRA Employees

Feb 25, 2021

Black History Month in the United States takes place each year in February. This year, doTERRA turned to BIPOC employees to learn more about what the month means to them. While their voices were amplified and shared throughout the month on doTERRA’s social media channels, we wanted to highlight a few of their responses on doTERRA’s Newsroom as well.

“I grew up in Florida and I remember in high school we had a celebration during lunch for the whole month. We danced and ate. It brought all the students together and it was a joyous moment. I appreciate that time more now because looking back, I felt heard. I felt represented. And I felt understood.”

                -Fedeline Morrow, doTERRA Member Services Team

“Black History Month for me is not just a month, it’s a lifetime. I feel like it’s the time where we can reflect and ask ourselves how we can love black people by seeing them, hearing them, relishing in them, and creating a world where they feel loved, inspired, and protected.”

                -Hyrum Gurrola, doTERRA Member Services Team

“For me, the foremost purpose of Black History Month is to make all Americans aware of this struggle for freedom and equal opportunity.”            

-Erick Tshimpe, doTERRA Member Services Team

“I celebrate and recognize Black History Month by reading biography and autobiography books on Black figures to learn about their lives, their struggles, and how they because the ones we talk about and celebrate to this day.”

-Toure Spencer, doTERRA Member Services Team

At doTERRA, a primary mission we have is to advance inclusion and diversity in our workplace and communities. This advancement comes as we celebrate and embrace differences in race, ethnicity, and culture with open hearts and minds. We commit to ensuring that our customers, employees, and Wellness Advocates are heard, valued, and empowered to reach their full potential.

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